Sunday, December 26, 2004

I fell off the wagon............

I sure don't have to look far for a New Years resolution this year. All I have to do is look down about 2 feet.

Right at my stomach.
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I was doing so well with my diet.

I had lost about 10 or 12 pounds and I think I managed to put them all back on in the past couple weeks. Been working my ass off at work, coming home and sleeping a solid 10 hours for the past few weeks, didn't do a whole lotta good for my waistline.

Looks like it's time to get with the program, I mean I have shitload of clothes that don't fit and I ain't gonna go spend my bike money on fatboy stuff.

I am digging what this dad did.
My father's mindset when I was growing up was "If I want your opinion son, I'll give it to you".
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I can't stand to see shitty little brats at the mall or store whining all the time.

Don't watch much TV but I taped this. Damn, that's a neat deal. Too bad they don't have one where it's warmer.

This is an awesome site. Look around some. Don't bother to click the link if religious parody pisses you off. And don't e-mail me if you're offended.
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I really don't give a shit.

If that link didn't offend you...........
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maybe this pic of a redneck gingerbread house will.

I like this guy.

That's all for today, gonna go for a ride (inside) and go take our son to the store to blow all the money he got yesterday.

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