Friday, December 03, 2004

Dumb sports on TV

Sure is alot of dumb sport on TV this time of the year. Tractor pulls, rodeos, lumberjack competitions and my personal favorite- golf. Watching golf on TV is like watching paint dry on a humid day.

Maybe they could spice it up a little. Perhaps make it into "Monster Golf" where they could make each hole a race and you would have to jump your golf cart over whoop-de-dos and get extra points for distracting your opponents.

Of course 99% of people out there would think that watching cycling on TV is just as boring.

Heard the best Christmas song ever at work last night..............

Silent Night played with a bango. WTF????
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It will be a miracle if I don't lose my mind before Christmas gets here.

This isn't a big deal, there are soccer moms in York that do it all the time.

Magic tricks. I have no idea what the hell this guy is saying, but he's pretty good.

I'm just some dumbass Irish guy, but this is funny as all get out.

It's probably not a good idea to smoke crack right before you go on "The Price Is Right"

Think this guy does steriods? Naaaaah. I'm wondering if he has an air valve up his ass to "pump up" Sick.

This game is addicting.

Steel is real. Although I don't have one of these particular bikes (yet) nothing rides like my steel Surly.

Red Bull Rampage is on today.
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Huck this. Beats the hell out of golf.

Over and out for today.........

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