Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I have to brag...............

Yes, I'm gonna brag about my kids today. At least one of them anyways............

Our daughter is one smart (she has smart parents:-) cookie, she took the SAT's and scored over 1400 on them and as a result she has a very good shot at a full ride scholarship at 3 different universities.

Full ride as in they pay for everything. For 5 years.

Needless to say, my wife and I are liking that a whole lot.

She goes to visit one of the schools today-she is going to De Sales University to check into their physician assistant program. Is that cool or what? She will be the first person in my side of the family to ever get a college degree.

One of the best parts of having kids and raising them is getting to see what they end up doing in the world, so far it looks like our daughter is going to being going down some interesting roads.

In the past our son has expressed an interest in many things, I gonna really enjoy watching him and seeing what floats his boat when he gets older. It's gonna be interesting to say the very least!

Checked the stats on this site this morning-on average 40 people read this site everyday...................... that's kinda hard to comprehend- wow, am I popular or what? I'll try and not let it go to my head.

Anybody ever use these? Someone at work told me about them and WOW! I am a convert. I tried them yesterday before I went to bed and slept like Rip Van Winkle. I can hardly wait to try them out on a bike ride.

Yeah, I know they ain't gonna turn me into Lance or anything but I always have suffered from congestion during outside exercise. I'll still be staring at a lot of guys asses on rides but at least I'll be able to breathe better.

I was so happy after last Sunday's road ride in that I could walk normally the next day without any back pain, now I'll be booger free to boot. Could life get any better?

Why yes it could, I need to win that damn Powerball drawing tonight. A bazillion dollars and I retiring tomorrow and I'm gonna retire some buddies so I have somebody to ride with.

You know who you are :-)

This is a commercial for Victoria's secret. Nothing really that racy here but I gotta wonder....... most women in the USA ain't gonna be trippin if their hubby buys them some underwear. Don't most women buy their own underwear? I don't get it.

If I wanna guarantee myself getting lucky on Christmas night-I gonna buy my wife one of these...............
Image Hosted by
Underwear?.............. Gimme a break.

Hey, this is safe for work and it's kinda neat. What else can ya ask for?......... Well, you can ask for this which is definitely not safe for work.

I love practical jokes and this one is funny as hell.

Folks, this link might be useful. Don't use it to search for pron at work though, especially if you work somewhere that a cubicle dweller could hear the search results.

This kind of shit makes you wonder what the world is coming to. Thank God she didn't kill them. They'll take care of her in prison. Maybe I lack compassion, but if she did that to my children-I'd have no problem doing it to her just so she knew how it felt.

What the hell?

Lose a couple pounds maybe?

Not to be harsh, but wouldn't have using a gun been easier?

63 years ago today.

till later...............


Anonymous said...

i didn't score over a 1400!! it was only a 1380!

and *sigh* the full ride is only for four years (we found that out today)


The Donut Guy said...

Gee, sorry kid. I thought it was 1480 not 1380. That's what happens when one of your parents have a "senior" moment:-) Just wait until you have kids!!!!