Saturday, December 04, 2004

I love my fenders.

I'm a certified bike geek. I sometimes just go out in the garage and stare at my bikes. I think about all the cool places I've been and all the neat people I've ridden with. Tonight I was wiping down my Surly and admiring it's lines.

Geeky, yeah I know.
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Not many folks run full length fenders on road bikes. I do because I think it looks cool, it keeps me from getting a wet ass and it reminds me of the first "nice" road bike I bought when I was 14 or so. I saved my ass off for 2 summers and went downtown to Schwinn Cyclery in downtown York and bought a bright orange Schwinn fillet brazed road bike with just about every imaginable accessory possible.Looked exactly like this one only it was bright orange. And it had shiny chrome fenders. plus just about every other accessory that Schwinn made.
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Sweet, sweet bike............ I wish I still had it, but somebody stole it off my back porch a couple years after I started driving. Wasn't too upset at the time because I stopped riding after I got my license. I sure with I had it now though. No hard feelings to the guy who stole it, but I hope he rots in the innermost circle of Hell.............
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Not sure what I'd do if I got one of these for a Christmas present. Probably the same thing I'd do if I got one of these. Santa ain't gonna be sending me anything anyways, here's what he did with my letter. Bastard.

I kinda like this commercial. And this one, turn it up to 11.

I like this joke, people that act like assholes. oughta get treated like assholes.

I like this guy. My wife and I have two wonderful children that have all their limbs and the parents of this kid oughta be pretty darn proud. I love his quote at the top of his web page.
Good stuff.

Going for a roadie ride with my buddies this morning. Gonna get my ass handed to me for sure but it'll be nice to get outside and get some fresh air...............

till later.............

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