Saturday, December 11, 2004

More thoughts about the library....

Everybody in our family reads. Our daughter has a room full of books, my wife and I always have our nose stuck in a book or a magazine and even our computed addicted son reads from time to time. I have a friend at work whose wife works at the library and basically, they are running on fumes.

Budget cuts affect everybody but this is one place where the county commissioners need to suck it up and throw the folks at the library some cash.

Sometimes, attorneys are just assclowns. How about a little personal responsibility?

IE6 blows. 80,000 students at Penn State can't be wrong.

Part 2 of the pic I posted beforehand
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Drink one for me buddy.

Copyrights will soon mean nothing.

No need for a stud finder here.

Think about this, if this sick bastard didn't have enough money to post bail- his ass would be in jail right now. He's gonna enjoy being locked up, he'll make somebody a nice boyfriend.

Is this a wild picture or what?
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Kites are dangerous. Damn.

THIS is a catch. I woulda been scared shitless to be on that boat.

This is gotta be the weirdest application of PalmPilot technology I've ever seen. Ouch.

This is just satire, but it wouldn't surprise me if it happened.

She woulda never made it to 92 if I lived next to her.

Cycling team or Army unit?
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Pretty darn cool training if ya ask me. Tyler shoulda never left.

My friend set a new world record for spyware on his computer, over 800 registry settings, cookies, BHO's and programs. Actually that wasn't that bad. The first time I scanned for spyware on our computer -I came up with over 500 items.

That's what happens when your whole family uses the same computer. IE6 is an invitation to let malware onto your hard drive. Mozilla Firefox is the dog's balls.

I watched The Collective again last night, watching Ryan Leech ride across a chain just blows my mind. Check out the teaser for his latest video- the dude has the skills to pay the bills.

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